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So, as is fairly evident – I have not inherited the blogging gene from my Mum!

I suppose I’d better introduce myself – I’m Caiti, daughter of Steph (I’m 18 and live away from home, yet it’s still extremely weird to realise my mother has a first name!) at I’m an 18 year old student living and studying in Bordeaux.

This blog was started to attempt to chronicle my adventures here, but… yeah, you can see how well that went!

As a quick update: I’ve been here just over 3 months now – I’ve finally gotten the hang of not being late to class! My favourite classes are definitely Informatique (Computer Science) and Algorithms & Programming. Mechanics and Statics was pretty fun until we got to kinematics screws & co. (torseurs cinématiques & torseurs d’action in French). EEA (électronique, électrotechnique & automatismes) is very interesting, and we’ve got an excellent teacher in that subject. I’m struggling a bit in Basic Analysis, possibly partly because of the teacher – he’s obviously ‘brillant’, but doesn’t seem to realise that his students aren’t quite as brilliant as he is, and some of the mathematical proofs and concepts that are obvious to him, aren’t quite as obvious to us mere mortals!

We currently have the forms to decide which course to choose next semester – I’m pretty sure I’m going to go with Sciences de la Matière (Physics & Chemistry) as I’m still not sure what I want to do when I’m ‘grown up’, rather than just Physique (although I’d be able to do a class on Astrophysics, which sounds fascinating, if I chose that course). Although I adore computers and programming, the only way I’d be able to study that would be to do the Maths&Info course – and as I don’t really enjoy maths as I used to, I won’t be choosing that (also because I used that particular form to wrap my brother’s birthday present with…) . I think I’ll be choosing the Sciences de la Matière course, as that way I’ll be able to study physics, chemistry, and computers science (as my minor – part of the International option I’m doing)

Anyway, I (was forcibly) signed up for this Christmas Blog Hop, so I suppose I’d better get back on topic with a  suitably Christmassy post about Christmas in Bordeaux!

First off the outside ice rink, up ’til the 6th Janurary:


(photo from here)

As well as the gorgeous christmas lights, the other main seasonal event is the Christmas fair, at the Alleés de Tourny until December 30th. As you head in to the rows of chalets from St. Cathérine, you’re greeted, for some strange reason, by a giant purple penguin…


Behind this is a gorgeous giant merry-go-round, and behind that, the stalls.


Everything from the usual christmas fare like decorations, sweets and mulled wine, to the slightly more unusual, such as Himalayan prayer flags and pickled lampreys are on sale here.


At the other end was a giant white plastic penguin selling Christmas trees..


… and a nativity scene with real animules! (there were two little chalet/shed things like this)Image

So that’s a taste of Christmas in Bordeaux!

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to check the other blogs in this hop!

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12 thoughts on “Blog Hop 2012

  1. You never told me about the ice rink!!! I’d have moved in with you for the month. Have you had a go on it yet? Fantastic photos and I love the living creche. Try not to wrap too many pressies in important documentation though. X

  2. Um, and do hope you’re not bringing any escargots à la bordelaise home as pressies. Dad’s gone off them since that snail paté …
    Wouldn’t mind that black calf. I’m sure he’d behave on the train.

  3. I’ll sponsor a giveaway for this blog. So everyone, please leave a comment on this blog post and as Caitlin’s mum and blog hop organiser, I’ll gift a Kindle copy of Treachery in Bordeaux by Alaux and Balen to one lucky winner who will be chosen at random on 15th December.

  4. Hi Caitli,
    I’m loving Xmas in Bordeaux.
    I can relate to the problems of having a ‘brilliant’ teacher. I had a teacher for maths who was undoubtedly a clever person. He made up all his own formulas (which didn’t help our understanding) and he would come into class and just start talking without bothering to explain what we were doing. Luckily he left to teach the deaf – can’t imagine that turned out happily lol.
    Happy Xmas
    Suz x

  5. I was at the Christmas market yesterday and I agree those penguins are a bit odd! I sympathise about the ‘brilliant’ teacher, my daughter had one in Lycée and his group of Bac S’s got the lowest average marks for maths the school had ever had.

  6. Evelyn says:

    The white penguin seems appropriate, but purple??? Not my fav. Good luck on your science courses.

  7. Nice post! Now that looks a lot like Christmas, especially the purple penquin. LOL! Well it’s original that’s for sure. 🙂

  8. The giant merry-go-round looks lovely!
    We’ve promised ourselves a trip to the continent next year for some Christmas markets. Our local one this year has been a bit lackluster, no giant purple penguins to speak of!

    I’m sure Emily will sympathyse with you lecture-woes, she’s had some trying tutors herself this semester.

    Merry Christmas from Vive Trianon.

  9. Nice visit to yet another part of the country and am in admiration of those almost unpronoucable subjects you are studying, good luck with that! Have a great Christmas.

  10. Hi Mini Steph , hope you enjoy your Christmas home with the family, don’t forget the snails. 🙂

  11. Despite being “forced” (that’s terrible … poor you), you’ve put up a gorgeous Christmasy post and it really gives a fabulous idea of the festive season in Bordeaux. Lovely photographs and I’m very jealous of the ice-rink. Have fun!

  12. Deborah says:

    Hopped here from Vanessa’s La Lune blog. Dont know why you’re being bashful about your blogging – this is great!

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